• Dr. Tommy Nilsson , Professor

    McGill University and the RI-MUHC

     “We had carried out two antibody-sequencing projects (2 sequencing/project). The interaction with Novoprotein has been great. The staff is competent and realizable. In both cases, the results are satisfactory, and the cost of sequencing is very reasonable”
  • Noah Johnson , Graduate Student

    University of Pittsburgh

    “The product (human ANXA2 - C205) does work well in my assay and does meet my expectations.”
  • Leading Scientist in industry and user of Lon Protease ,

    “Overall we are happy with the Lon protease. We used the product to develop several assays and perform comparisons to endogenous Lon. We have also recently ordered and additional ~15 mg of the protein from Cedarlane to create an ELISA. It performed as we had hoped. The specific activity is a bit lower than expected, however this is common with recombinant proteins. It would be nice to have the activity available in the COA for each lot in the future. This would give us some confidence that future lots of the product will be comparable to previous lots and save us from having to determine the specific activity of each lot in house. We will be ordering more in the future and thank you for your assistance in sourcing the protein!”