Gene Cloning

Novoprotein’s molecular biology services are intended to save your time and cost in the gene cloning steps. What sets us our molecular biology services apart from the conventional gene cloning procedure is our NovoRec seamless cloning technology. It is a simple, rapid and highly efficient cloning method to construct your gene of interest to any expression vector. With NovoRec seamless cloning technology, PCR products are directly cloned to any linearized expression vector at any restriction site, whereby eliminating ligation and restriction digestion. In addition, multiple DNA fragments can be assembled and cloned into one piece (up to 10 kb) in a single step. NovoRec seamless technology is highly efficient, yielding high colony numbers and positive insertion ratios.

We also offer post-purification services including process development, protein crystallization, protein characterization, peptide synthesis, and mammalian stable cell line generation. For information about our protein expression and purification services, please visit our protein expression and purification page or contact us at Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.