Antibody Production

  • Polyclonal antibodies

    Our polyclonal antibodies are generate by immunization of rabbit

  • Recombinant monoclonal antibodies

    Our monoclonal antibodies are produced in two ways: mammalian cell expression or hybridoma adoption/ scale up

At Novoprotein, we provide premium antibody production services at low cost, high titer, high purity, and high yield..

Why choose us?

  • Multiple purification systems in a temperature controlled environment
  • Extensive collection of chromatography media
  • Creative configurations of chromatography columns tailored to each protein
  • Vigorous quality assurance programs to ensure the required quality and reproducibility
  • Greater than 98% purity
  • Strong trouble shooting and difficult protein handling experience

For more information about our antibody production services, or need help with how to choose between polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, contact us at or visit our Technical support page. Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.

  Polyclonal antibody Monoclonal antibody
Facts Recognizes multiple epitope on an antigen Detects only one epitope on an antigen
Pros Robust target signal Minimal background signal and cross-reactivity
Helps amplify signal from target protein with low expression level All batches are identical
Gives better results in IP/ChIPHigh selectivity, ecxellent for affinity purification
Higher tolerance of changes in antigen (denaturation, heterogeneity, Polymorphism, glycosylation)High monogeneity, gives consistency among experiments
Good for denatured proteins 
Good for non-characterized antigens 
Cons May result in higher background signal in some applications Possible weak target signal
Varies from batch to batchVulnerable to loss of epitope through chemical treatment of antigen
 May be too specific for cross-species detection


Will I get what I am promised?
Our counter-contract ensures your terms of expectation are met.

I feel like losing control of data generation!
Our service team keeps tight monitoring and tracking over each step where data are generated.