Gene cloning

Features and service details:

  • Choices of popular in-stock expression vectors in stock or provide your own
  • Choices of wide range of tags to improve the expression level or protein solubility
  • Efficient cloning with NovoRec seamless technology
  • Verification of subcloned gene authenticity by restriction enzyme digest and sequencing

  • Pricing: $195.00 per construct
  • Turnaround time: 2 weeks
  • Deliverable: correct expression plasmid and sequencing results

List of expression vectors to choose:

We also offer post-purification services including isotope labeling, process development, protein characterization, protein crystallization, and peptide synthesis. For information about our protein expression and purification services, please visit our protein expression and purification page or contact us at Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.