Polyclonal antibody

Novoprotein’s polyclonal antibody production gives you these advantages:

  • Free Antigen Design:

    Our in house experts with extensive experience design optimal antigens based on your applications and antibody characteristics.

  • Flexible Antigen Choices:

    We generate antigens as peptides or recombinant proteins based on your budget and protein properties.

  • 10-Week Immunization Protocol:

    We immunize two rabbits in parallel for 10 weeks with a boost every two weeks for the best antibody production.

  • Guaranteed ELISA Titer Result:

    We only charge our customers when the antibody has greater than 1:8000 ELISA titer.

  • Deliverable:

    minimal delivery is 10mg with greater than 95% purity.

  • Procedure details

  • Timeframe and pricing

  • Case study

We start from the antigen you provide, or we help you design proper antigen
We immunize 2 rabbits and boost 5 times over 10 weeks. 1:8000 anti-sera titer guaranteed
Our highly advanced chromatography skills and complex column system guarantee the purity as we promise
  • Strategy design
    • Peptide as antigen
    • Antigen design and peptide synthesis
    • Peptide (5mg) conjugate to KLH
    • Recombinant protein as antigen
    • Gene synthesis and Codon Optimization
    • Sub-clone into E. coli expression vector
    • Expression optimization
    • Antigen production: 5mg
  • Immunization and anti-sera production in rabbit
  • SDS Page Gel
  • Antibody purification
    • Affinity column
  • Post-purification modification as required
  • Ready to go!
Antigen preparation - recombinant protein
Strategy design Free 1 day
Codon optimization and gene synthesis $0.40/bp 2-3 weeks
Subclone and construct to E. coli expression vector $195.00 2 weeks
Expression optimization $100.00 1 week
Recombinant protein antigen production: 5mg $600.00 2-4 weeks
Antigen preparation - peptide
Strategy design Free 1-3 weeks
Peptide synthesis $20/amino acid
Peptide conjugation to KLH $150.00 1-2 weeks
Immunization and anti-sera production in rabbit $600.00 10 weeks
Antibody purification
ost-purification modifications Please inquire
  • Strategy design

    • Choose peptide antigen according to intended application of antibody and protein characters
  • Work flow:

    • Peptide design and synthesis
    • Conjugation of 5mg peptide to KLH via terminal Cysteine
    • Immunization of 2 rabbits using conjugated peptide
    • Boosts for 5 times and anti-sera titer to 1:8000
    • Collection of 100ml final immune bleeds
  • Deliverables:

    • Polyclonal antibody with titer greater than 1:2,048,000
  • 1. Peptide antigen design, synthesis and QC

    Fig. 1 HPLC result of synthesized peptide antigen, purity >80%
  • 2. Antigen affinity purification of antibody

    Fig. 2 SDS-PAGE analysis of antibody after antigen affinity purification
  • 3. ELISA Titer Test of Boost #5 Anti-serum and Final Product

    Fig. 3
  • 4. Immunofluorescence detection using our polyclonal antibody

    Fig. 4

For more information about our polyclonal antibody service, or need help to decide whether peptide or protein antigen is suitable for you, contact us at sales@novoprotein.com or visit our Technical support page. In addition, we also offer monoclonal antibody production and antibody fragmentation services. Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.


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