Recombinant monoclonal antibody

Novoprotein’s recombinant monoclonal antibody production gives you these advantages:

  • Complete Service Package:

    From antibody sequencing to recombinant antibody production, and in vitro hybridroma production

  • Risk-Free Antibody Sequencing:

    Free RNA isolation, satisfaction guaranteed, quick turn-around

  • High Yield and Low Cost:

    Our proprietary mammalian expression system produces up to 100mg/liter in transient transfection system

  • Large-Scale Capacity:

    Gram scale on a monthly basis

Recombinant antibodies are expressed with our mammalian system, from the antibody gene, completely eliminating animals from the antibody-production process. Recombinant antibodies can be used in all applications where traditional mAbs are used, and its production has several advantages over traditional mAbs: Fast: Recombinant Abs can be produced in 8 weeks, drastically shorter than months required for hybridoma-based methods. Highly controlled: The unpredictable process or changes in host animals are avoid during the production of recombinant antibodies. Excellent for reproducibility: The strict batch-to-batch consistency gives you reproducibility of experiments. Safe: Recombinant antibodies are anima-free, therefore unlikely to stimulate immune response.

  • Procedure details

  • Timeframe and pricing

  • Case study

Hybridoma antibody production

Recombinant antibody production

    • Adapt mouse hybridoma cells into serum-free medium
    • Evaluate the volumetric antibody yield
    • Large scale monoclonal antibody production
    • RNA isolation
    • Cloning and sequencing of variable regions
    • Antibody gene sequence information
    • Gene synthesis
  • Sub-clone and construct into mammalian expression vector
    • Transient expression in HEK293 cells
    • Establish stable cell line and production in CHO cells
  • Pilot scale antibody production: 10mg
  • SDS Page Gel
  • Antibody purification
    • Protein A/G column
    • Affinity column
  • Post-purification modification as required
  • Ready to go!
Monoclonal antibody sequencing
Extract total RNA Free 1 week
Amplify the variable domains $1,500.00 2 weeks
Clone the variable domains
Sequence at least 8 clones for each variable domain
Construct mammalian expression vector $195.00 2 weeks
Recombinant monoclonal antibody production
Expression detection $500.00 1 week
Pilot-scale antibody production: 10mg $1,500.00 2-3 weeks
Hybridoma antibody production
Adapt mouse hybridoma cells to serum-free medium Please inquire TBD
Evaluate molumetric antibody yield
Large-scale monoclonal antibody production and purification
  • Strategy design

    • Genes encoding heavy and light chains of the antibody were constructed into Novoprotein high expression plasmids.
    • Confirm by sequencing.
    • Small scale expression and purification.
    • Sample sent to customer and large scale production initiated.
  • Deliverables:

    • 100mg antibody was produced with concentration >2mg/ml, purity>90% as estimated on SDS-page.
  • 1. Small scale expression

    Fig. 1 SDS-PAGE analysis of small scale expression.
    1-3: 72-120 hour expression; 4: expression control GFP
  • 2. Purification of antibody by protein A column

    Fig. 2 SDS-PAGE analysis of antibody after protein A purification.
    1: Loading sample; 2: Flow-through; 3-9:Elutions 1-6
  • 3. Customer data: Novoprotein Antibody binding property on purified antigen and cells

    Fig. 3 Compare to Dr. XX lab’s antibody, the antibody produced by Novo protein has the same cell binging affinity on Hep3B cells and G1 cells.
  • 4. Large scale production of antibody

    Fig. 4 SDS-PAGE analysis of antibody after purification by protein A column
    1: Loading sample(7L)
    2: Flow-through
    3: Elution by 0.1MGlycine pH 3.0
    4: Elution by 0.1MGlycine pH 3.0
    5: Lane4 sample (non-reduced)
    6: Elution by 0.1MGlycine pH 3.0
  • 5. Final product

    Fig. 5 Final product.
    A: reduced
    B: non-reduced

For more information about our monoclonal antibody service, contact us at or visit our Technical support page. In addition, we also offer monoclonal antibody production and antibody fragmentation services. Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.


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