Antibody Fragmentation

Advantages of Fab and F(ab')2 Fragmentation:

  • Reduced nonspecific binding resulting from Fc interactions
  • Better controlled binding to Protein A in experiments including immunoprecipitation and Western blotting
  • More efficient penetration of tissue sections for improved staining for immunohistochemical applications
  • Higher sensitivity in antigen detection in solid phase applications
  • Simpler system for studying the structural basis for immune recognition using X-ray cyrstallography or NMR,
  • Lower immunogenicity than intact antibody for in vivoexperiments

Our services:

  • Fab preparation, utilize immobilized papain to enzymatically cleave IgG molecule just above the Fc hinge region to release two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment;
  • F(ab)’2 preparation: utilize immobilized Pepsin to enzymatically cleave IgG molecule to release one F(ab)’2 fragment and one Fc fragment
  • Fab and F(ab)'2 Preparation for Mouse IgG1
  • Utilize immobilized Pepsin to enzymatically cleave IgG molecule at different cysteine concentration to generate Fab or F(ab)’2 frangments.

All enzymatic reactions are followed by protein A column purification to remove the Fc fragments.