Yeast Protein Expression System

Yeast has many of the advantages of higher eukaryotic expression systems such as protein processing, protein folding, and post-translational modification. Unlike in insect and mammalian expression systems, protein expression in yeast is easy to manipulate and much cheaper, while the expression level is usually much higher.

Novoprotein’s Yeast expression system serves you with these advantages:

  • High Efficiency:

    Various strains and expression vectors available for selection of the most suitable expression host strain and vector.

  • High Productivity:

    Our robust secretion signal sequences ensure the highest secretion of recombinant protein.

  • Two Expression Options:

    Choice of constitutive expression or inducible expression system.

  • Large-Scale Production:

    We have capacity of up to 500L Bioreactor for gram scale production.

  • Competitive pricing:

    Purity greater than 80% starting from $1500!

  • Choice of strains:

    X33, GS115, KM71, and SMD1168.

  • Procedure details

  • Timeframe and pricing

  • Case study

We start with your plasmid, cDNA, or simply the gene sequence information
We optimize the codon to maximize the expression level in your choice of system
Our robust secretion signal sequences ensure greatest recombinant protein secretion
Transformants with highest number of inserts will be screened with antibiotic gradient
We optimize the protein expression by selecting proper medium, concentration of induction agent, induction time, and cell density
Our highly advanced chromatography skills and complex column system guarantee the purity as we promise
  • Your gene of interest
  • Evaluate and choose the suitable expression system
  • Codon Optimization
  • Sub-clone into yeast Expression Vectors
  • Transform plasmid into P. pastoris cells
  • Screen for transformants with multiple inserts
  • Expression evaluation and optimization
  • Large scale expression
    (up to 500L, gram scale)
  • SDS Page
  • Protein purification
    • Affinity column
    • Ion exchange chromatography
    • Hydrophobic chomatography
    • Size exclusion chromatography
  • Ready to go!
Gene Cloning and Expression Test
Strategy design Free 1 day
Codon optimization Free 2-3 weeks
Gene synthesis $0.40/bp
Subcloning gene of interest into expression vector $195.00
Construction of P. pastoris multicopy integrant strain $700.00 3 weeks
Small Scale protein expression evaluation $250.00 3 weeks
Pilot Scale Expression and Purification
1-2L Yeast cell culture From $2,000.00 2-3 weeks
1mg of protein (soluble, >80% purity)
Large Scale Production
Large-scale fermentation up to 500L with 60-80g cell pellet/L From $2,500.00 4-8 weeks
Purification to gram-scale protein  
Protein production to kilogram scale Please inquire  
Additional Services
Protein refolding    
Endotoxin removal    
Metabolic labeling    
Process development    
  • Challenge:

    • Protein difficult to purify
  • Strategy:

    • Two-step purification - Heparin & SP columns
    • Step gradient & linear gradient
  • Deliverables:

    • refolded bioactive mature peptide above 95% purity
  • 1. Expression strain screening: 3 clones with highest recombinant protein expression rate were selected

    Fig. 1 SDS-PAGE analysis of target protein expression.
    A: Negative control (empty vector, reduced)
    B: Negative control (empty vector, non-reduced)
    1-3: Clones 1-3 after inducing (R: reduced; NR: non-reduced)
  • 2. Purification using Heparin Column – step ion gradient

    Fig. 2 Heparin column purification under step ion gradients
    A: Cell culture supernatant; B: Flow-through
    1-5: Eluted fractions under ion gradients (reduced)
    2-10: Eluted fractions under ion gradients (non-reduced)
    Eluted fractions 2-4 were pooled for 2nd purification
  • 3. 2nd purification using SP HP column – linear ion gradient

    Fig. 3 SP column purification under linear ion gradients
    A: Cell culture supernatant; B: Flow-through
    1-14: Eluted fraction 1 – 14
    Eluted fractions 3-10 were pooled as final product
  • 4. Final product

    Fig. 4 Final product
    R: reduced;
    NR: non-reduced

For more information about our yeast expression service, contact us at or visit our Service page. In addition, we also offer other protein expression services including bacteria protein expression service, baculovirus expression services,mammalian expression service. To know how other scientists speak of us, check out our References.


Will I get what I am promised?
Our counter-contract ensures your terms of expectation are met.

I feel like losing control of data generation!
Our service team keeps tight monitoring and tracking over each step where data are generated.