Insect expression system

Insect expression system allows proper refolding, post-translational modification, and oligomerization that are identical to those that occur in mammalian cells. Expression of recombinant proteins is under the control of the strong polyhedrin promoter, allowing expression of up to 50% of the total cell protein. The baculoviral genome is large (130 kb) and can thus accommodate large segments of foreign DNA. Therefore, recombinant proteins can be expressed without size limitations.

Novoprotein’s insect expression system serves you with these advantages:

  • High Efficiency:

    our system relies on the latest technology in order to ensure high-level expression of both intracellular and secreted recombinant proteins.

  • Optimum Conditions:

    various insect cell lines, harvest at different time point and test different MOI to guarantee the highest yield.

  • Large-Scale Production:

    our expression capacity reaches up to 30L per batch and 90-100L monthly.

  • Competitive pricing:

    Purity greater than 80% starting from $1500!

  • Procedure details

  • Timeframe and pricing

  • Case study

We start with your plasmid,cDNA, or simple the gene sequence information
We optimize the codon to maximize the expression level in your choice of system
We optimize the protein expression by selecting proper medium, concentration of induction agent,induction time,and cell density.
Our highly advanced chromatograph skills and complex column system guarantee the purity as we promise
  • Your gene of interest
  • Evaluate and choose the suitable expression system
  • Codon Optimization
  • Sub-clone into inset Expression Vector
  • Shuttle vector containing viral backbone (bacmid)
  • Co-transform E. coli to produce recombinant bacmid
  • Prepare recombinant bacmid DNA
  • Transfect inset cells & titrate baculovirus
  • Expression evaluation and optimization
  • Large scale expression
    (up to 100L,gram scale)
  • SDS page Gel
  • Protein purification
    • Affinity column
    • Ion exchange chromatography
    • Hydrophobic chomatography
    • Size exclusion chromatography
  • Ready to go!
Gene Cloning and Expression Test
Strategy design Free 1 day
Codon optimization Free 2-3 weeks
Gene synthesis $0.40/bp
Subcloning gene of interest into expression vector $195.00 2-3 weeks
Construct of recombinant bacmid $100.00 1 week
Baculovirus titration using plaque assay (titer 10^8-10^9pfu/ml) $800.00 2 weeks
Pilot Scale Expression and Purification
Infection of 1L of insect cells (Sf-9, Mimic Sf-9, High Five) From $1,500.00 3-4 weeks
1mg of protein (soluble, > 80% purity)
Large Scale Production
Large-scale fermentation up to 2-10 liters of insect cell $600.00/L 3-4 weeks
Purification to gram-scale protein
Additional Services
Protein refolding    
Endotoxin removal    
Metabolic labeling    
Process development    
  • Challenge:

    • Protein difficult to purify
  • Strategy:

    • Two-step purification - Heparin & SP columns
    • Step gradient & linear gradient
  • Deliverables:

    • refolded bioactive mature peptide above 95% purity
  • 1. Concentration and 1st Purification – His Affinity Column (20ml)

    • 6 liters cell culture supernatant concentrated by VIVA200 (COMW 30k) ultrafilter to 1.2L.
    • Concentrated solution was purified by 10ml His affinity column. Protein bonded to His column was eluted by step imidazole gradient.
    • Elute fraction 3 was pooled for 2nd purification

    A: Cell culture supernatant (before dialysis)
    B: Cell culture supernatant (after dialysis)
    D: Concentrated solution
    E: Flow-through of His column
    F-H: Elute fractions 1-3
  • 2. 2nd Purification – His HP Column (5ml)

    • Protein bound to His HP column was eluted by three step imidazole gradient
    • Elute fraction 3 was pooled as final product
    A:Loading sample; B:Flow-through; C-E:Fraction 1-3;
    F:Tail of fraction 3
  • 3. Final product

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