Protein production

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  • Bacterial System
  • Yeast System
  • Insect System
  • Mammalian System

At Novoprotein, we carefully design a unique purification strategy for each individual protein. This enables us to purify most untagged recombinant proteins within three-steps: capture, intermediate step, and polish. Our strategy ensures a high recovery rate. For tagged proteins, our two-step purification method can achieve greater than 95% purity in most cases.

Why choose us?

  • Multiple purification systems in a temperature controlled environment
  • Extensive collection of chromatography media
  • Creative configurations of chromatography columns tailored to each protein
  • Vigorous quality assurance programs to ensure the required quality and reproducibility
  • Production capacity of up to 30 grams
  • Greater than 98% purity
  • Strong trouble shooting and difficult protein handling experience

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Characteristic E.coli Yeast Insect Mammalian
Proteolytic cleavage usually not yes yes yes
Proteolytic N-linked no high mannose simple complex
O-linked no yes yes yes
Secretion to periplasm to medium to medium to medium
Folding usually not improper proper proper
Phosphorylation no yes yes yes
Acetylation no yes yes yes
Amidation no yes yes yes
Gamma-Carboxylation no yes yes yes
Growth medium minimum minimum complex complex
Yield >50% 10% >30% <1%
Speed fast medium medium slow
Cost low low medium high
Scale up **** **** ** *


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Our service team keeps tight monitoring and tracking over each step where data are generated.