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Metabolic enzymes are a loosely defined class of enzymes that regulate metabolic pathways in energy homeostasis, including glucose, lipid and amino acid metabolisms. Metabolic enzymes often serve as drug targets for metabolic diseases such as obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

As an industry leader of recombinant proteins, Novoprotein offers a comprehensive collection of metabolic enzymes, with an emphasize on pathways such as glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, lipid biosynthesis, fatty acid metabolism, and amino acid metabolism, etc. Due to space limitations, we excluded general kinases and phosphatases from the list. Those products can be searched through our general catalog.

The metabolic enzymes have demonstrated consistent and excellent performance in a variety of assays. Our stringent quality control standards guarantee purity greater than 95% and endotoxin level smaller than 0.1 ng/μg for every product. Our products are suitable for both assay set ups and mechanism-of-action studies.

Novoprotein Metabolic Enzymes

Metabolic Enzymes