Mammalian stable cell line generation

With our proprietary stable expression vector, we generate stable, high-yielding mammalian cell lines that give you high-level expression of recombinant proteins including recombinant antibodies and membrane proteins. Our expertise and in-house cloning reagents enables us to generate any stables cell lines in a more cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Case study – Generation of Mammalian Stable Cell Line

  • Workflow:

    • Protein A and Protein B were constructed into expression vector.
    • Co-Transfect into CHO cells..
    • Stable lines are selected with G-418 and MTX, then target gene is amplified with gradually increased MTX concentration.
    • Protein A and Protein B expression was detected with corresponding antibodies.
    • Gene function was determined by phospho-AKT antibody at the present of NRG.
  • Deliverables:

    Bioactive cytokine

  • 1. Target Protein Production in P. pastoris System

    Fig.1 Detection of protein A and protein B expression
  • 2. Characterization of target protein product

    Fig.2 Determination of gene function with regards to its dose-response to NRG

We also offer post-purification services including isotope labeling, process development, protein characterization, protein crystallization, and peptide synthesis. For information about our protein expression and purification services, please visit our protein expression and purification page or contact us at Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.


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