Large Scale Production / Process Development

Our large scale production capacity reaches gram scale per batch. Our high yield production comes from solid process development expertise. Process development defines a set of objectives to ensure the production of the protein scalable, reproducible, and cost-effective. It serves as a bridge between the lab bench and large-scale protein production. Our process development and optimization service can significantly improve the recovery rate and the bioactivity of your recombinant proteins Our experts possess extensive knowledge and hands on experience on process development.

Let us help you:

  • develop your protein production process from scratch
  • update your current process to yield desired results.

Case study – Process Development and Pre-clinic Study of Protein Drug Candidate

  • Workflow:

    • The target gene was codon optimized and synthesized.
    • The gene was subcloned into pPICZa vector.
    • Transformation of plasmid into high-efficiency X33 P. pastoris cell.
    • Antibiotic selection of high expression strain.
    • Expression of target protein in 50L fermentor in GMP plant.
    • The target protein was purified by Blue, HIC and SEC resin.
  • Deliverables:

    Protein product tested in in vitro bioactivity, pharmacokinetics, and half life in monkey

  • 1. Target Protein Production in P. pastoris System

    Fig. 1 SDS-PAGE analysis of target protein after purification
    A: Purified protein (non-reduced)
    B: Purified protein (reduced)
    MK: Molecular weight standards
  • 2. Characterization of target protein product

    Mass Spectrum
  • 3. Pre-clinic Study of Protein Product

    In vitro bioactivity

    Pharmacokinetics in monkeys

    Half life in monkey

We also offer post-purification services including isotope labeling, protein characterization, protein crystallization, peptide synthesis, and mammalian stable cell line generation. For information about our protein expression and purification services, please visit our protein expression and purification page or contact us at Want to know how other scientists speak of us? Check out our References.


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