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Novoprotein is a leading contract research biotech company dedicated solely to recombinant protein service and product. Novoprotein possesses advanced technology and extensive experience in the field and offers a comprehensive service portfolio, from protein expression, antibody production, protein modification, and protein crystallization. Novoprotein has accomplished over 1000 contract projects with an 85% success rate, and has developed a catalog of more than 500 enzymes and cytokines since its inception in 2004.


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Frequently asked question

  • What should I do if my target protein is predicted to be glycosylated?

    If native glycosylation is required, mammalian cells should be the only choice.
    Insect cells, esp mimic sf9 can mimic mammalian glycosylation in some degree and meet most of the usage of your target protein, e.g, to keep the biological activity when glycosylation is important to conserve the activity.
    Not all glycosylation is needed to keep the native biological activity of your target protein. Expression in e.coli without glycosylation is generally used for function study.