Yeast Expression System

Yeast expression system provides advantages of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems including:

  • high expression leve
  • low cost
  • ease of scaling
  • proper protein folding

Yeast Expression System Highlights::

  • High Efficiency: we have various strains and expression vectors to select the most suitable expression host and vector.
  • High Productivity: We have robust secretion signal sequences to ensure the highest secretion of recombinant protein.
  • Two Expression Options: constitutive expression or inducible expression system.
  • Large-Scale Production: we have capacity of up to 500L Bioreactor for gram scale production

Our Services:

Cloning and expression

  • Codon optimization and gene synthesis (optional): $0.40per base pair
  • Subclone gene of interest into yeast expression vector: $195
  • Construct and optimize expression: $600
  • Optimization of: expression medium, cell density, concentration of induction agent, and induction time

Pilot Scale Expression and Purification

  • 1-2L of yeast culture
  • Protein purification by affinity column, gel filtration, ion exchange, or hydrophobic column
  • 1mg protein from $1500!

Large Scale Production

  • Large-scale fermentation up to 500L with 60-80g cell pellet/liter
  • Large-scale purification up to gram scale
  • Process development

In addition to our yeast expression system, we also offer a number of other expression systems including: e. coli expression system, baculovirus expression system, and mammalian cell expression system.