Strategy design for effective protein expression and purification

    Novoprotein strategy design team possesses years of experience in helping customer to determine the right strategies for their recombinant protein production and/or custom polyclonal antibody production.

The strategy services include:

For protein expression and purification:

  1. Choose the right expression system to fit customers needs;
  2. Select  intracellular or extracellular location to express target protein;
  3. Optimize codon usage and transcript structure using Novoprotein proprietary codon optimization tool;
  4. Design purification strategy including selection of tag usage; 
  5. Design artificial protein: chimeric protein, diabody, recombinant antibody, recombinant antibody fragment;
  6. Design amino acid substitution for crystallization;
  7. Design mutagenesis strategy to gain desired activities of recombinant proteins.

For custom polyclonal antibodies:

    Design the right antigens based on customers needs for antibodies. Antibody production use peptide or recombinant protein as antigens. Both of them have pros and cons. You should choose the one that better fits your needs. Recombinant protein antigens with native structure provide most number of linear epitopes, most number of structural epitopes, and highest chance of generating antibodies that are useful in a wide range of applications. Denatured recombinant proteins may have high immunogenicity; may induce strong immune response in animals. However, protein antigens may have homology with family members and unrelated proteins. Peptide antigens can be designed to be highly specific for a single protein isoform, to produce PTM specific antibodies, and be used as affinity ligand to easily purify antibody. However, peptide antigens are linear epitopes, and require good peptide design knowledge for success. Novoproteins antigen design team will help you choose the right antigen most fits your needs.