Protein crystallization

Structural information is one of the key steps to fully understand a proteins biological function. The goal of crystallization is to produce a well-ordered crystal in order to discern the proteins tertiary structure.

However, protein crystallization is inherently difficult because of the fragile nature of protein crystals, the molecular variations of individual proteins, and the need of large amount of high purity protein.

At Novoprotein, scientists have accumulated extensive empirical experience in protein expression, purification and crystallization. Thus, the protein crystallization services offered at Novoprotein will save you from the painstaking step of crystallization and speed up your discovery by only focusing on the valuable information protein structures offer.

Available services:

Crystal screen
We screen the crystal conditions via

  • a comprehensive collection of crystal screen kits
  • temperature-controlled environment at 4°C and 18°C

Crystal optimization

We further optimize crystal conditions via array of conditions, using Hampton Research reagents and deliver to our customers both optimized conditions and crystals.

  • optimization of an array of conditions
  • Hampton Research reagents
  • deliver both optimized conditions and crystals


Protein-ligand, or protein-substrate interaction may alter a known structure protein. To further dissect protein mechanism, co-crystallization of protein-ligand or compound is of great necessity. We offer the following services in co-crystallization: protein-ligand or protein-compound, and deliver co-crystallization x-ray data to our customers.

  • compound
  • ligand
  • deliver co-crystallization x-ray data

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