Polyclonal Antibody Services

Advantages of our polyclonal antibody production system: low cost, high titer, high purity, and high yield.

Services Highlights:

  • Free Antigen Design: our in house experts possess extensive experience in designing optimal antigens based on your applications and protein characteristics.
  • Flexible Antigen Choices: we generate antigens as peptides or recombinant proteins based on your budget and protein properties.
  • 10 WeekImmunization Protocol: we immunize two rabbits in parallel for 10 weeks with a boost every two weeks for the best antibody production.
  • Guaranteed ELISA Titer Result: we only charge our customers when the antibody has greater than 1:8000 ELISA titer.
  • Deliverable: minimal delivery is 10mg with greater than 95% purity.

Our services:

Antigen Preparation for Peptides

  • Peptide: $20 per amino acid
  • Antigen design and peptide synthesis: Free
  • Conjugation of 5mg peptide to Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH): $150

Antigen Preparation for Recombinant Proteins

  • Protein analysis and antigen selection: free
  • Gene synthesis and codon optimization: $0.40 per base pair
  • Subclone gene of interest into E. coli expression vector: $195
  • Expression optimization: $100
  • Recombinant protein antigen production at 5mg: $600


  • $600 to immunize 2 rabbits
  • Boost 5 times over 10 weeks
  • Periodic testing until anti-sera titer is at 1:8000
  • Harvest of 100ml pooled sera


  • Conjugate 2mg peptide antigen to NHS-activated Sepharose 4B or protein A bead purification
  • Perform affinity chromatography to purify antibody
  • Perform post-purification modifications as required