Protein Expression in Mammalian Cell System

Recombinant protein expression with the mammalian cell expression system has the most comprehensive post-translational modifications with guaranteed activity.

Protein Expression in Mammalian Cell Highlights:

  • High Productivity: our proprietary vectors support high-level expression of proteins in mammalian cells for the yield up to 200mg/L.
  • Two Expression Options: we offer both transient transfection and stable cell expression
  • Large-Scale Production: our serum-free suspension cell culture (HEK293 and CHO) allows for gram scale protein production within one month.
  • Large Capacity: 10 transient expression projects can be conducted in parallel.
  • High Success Rate: we have successful expressed more than 500 proteins in our mammalian cell system with yields above 1mg/L.

Our services:

Transient Expression and Purification

Cloning and Expression:
  • Subclone gene of interest into suitable mammalian cell transient expression vector: $195
  • Transient transfection, expression evaluation, and optimization: $500

Pilot-Scale Expression and Purification

  • 500ml cell culture
  • 1mg protein from $1500!

Large-scale production: 90-100L per month

Stable Expression Cell Lines

  • Transient transfection and selection for stably transfected cells
  • Cell line development for pools of stable cells
  • Cell line development by screening and expansion of high-expressing single clone


Lu B, et al. Phosphorylation of human TFAM in mitochondria impairs DNA binding and promotes degradation by the AAA+ Lon protease.

“Phosphopeptide enrichment was performed using recombinant TFAM that was PKA phosphorylated or cellular TFAM purified from HEK293 cells (Novoprotein).”

PMID: 23201127

In addition to our protein expression in mammalian cell system, we also offer a number of other expression systems including: yeast expression system, e. coli expression system, and baculovirus expression system.