Custom Services

Custom Recombinant Protein Expression Service

Novoprotein offers a risk-free payment plan for our comprehensive protein expression services. Our scientists have more than 8 years of experience and have completed over 1000 contract protein production projects with an overall success rate of 75%. Novoprotein prides itself on our track record for on-time delivery. We are confident that Novoprotein is your ultimate choice for recombinant protein expression services.

We offer recombinant protein expression services in the following systems. To learn more about each specific expression system, follow the link to each respective page.

Custom Recombinant Protein Expression Purification

At Novoprotein, we carefully design a unique purification strategy for each individual protein. This enables us to purify most untagged recombinant proteins within three-steps: capture, intermediate step, and polish. Our strategy ensures a high recovery rate. For tagged proteins, our two-step purification method can achieve greater than 95% purity in most cases.

  • Multiple purification systems in a temperature controlled environment
  • Extensive collection of chromatography media
  • Creative configurations of chromatography columns tailored to each protein
  • Vigorous quality assurance programs to ensure the required quality and reproducibility
  • Production capacity of up to tens of grams
  • Greater than 98% purity

Additional services

Molecular Biology Services

Novoprotein provides a full set of molecular biology services with fast delivery at a very affordable rate.

  • Gene synthesis (with or without codon optimization)
  • Gene cloning using our NovoRec seamless cloning
  • Mutagenesis
  • DNA plasmid preparation and large scale production

Isotope Labeling (E. coli  expression system only)

Uniform isotope labeling is a key tool for NMR studies on recombinant proteins and their ligand interactions for pharmaceutical interest. A minimal medium is required for specific labeling in E. coli expression systems in order to control of all nutrients found in the broth. However, a typical minimal medium (such as M9) cannot support the same level of growth as a richer medium and thus limits the amount of protein produced by limiting the cell density of the culture. This constraint results in a high cost for isotope labeling. With years of experience in bacteria culture and protein expression, scientists at Novoprotein have developed a fortified minimal medium supporting the growth and protein expression that is comparable to the regular medium. This proprietary medium drastically lowers the cost, providing a large amount of recombinant protein uniformly labeled with a stable isotope. We provide stable isotope labeling service in our E. coli expression system with 15N, 13C.

Protein Refolding (E. coli system only)

Production of foreign proteins in E. coli may result in the formation of protein aggregates, more commonly known as inclusion bodies. Specific empirical conditions are required to solubilize inclusion bodies and further refold denatured proteins. At Novoprotein, our experts have established a proprietary refolding system that is comprised of a variety of refolding buffers optimized with various parameters. Using this optimizedsystem, we have successfully refolded more than 300 proteins, whichhas earned us a spot as a leader in the field.

Novoprotein protein refolding service includes the following steps:

1. Protein expression and inclusion body preparation (optional)

2. Solubilize inclusion body to maximum monomer status

3. Small-scale refolding experiments to determine the best refolding conditions by activity assay

4. Small-scale refolding

5. Large scale refolding (optional)

Process Development

Process development defines a set of objectives to ensure the production of the protein scalable, reproducible, and cost-effective. It serves as a bridge between the lab bench and large-scale protein production. Our process development and optimization service can significantly improve the recovery rate and the bioactivity of your recombinant proteins

Our experts possess extensive knowledge and hands on experience on process development.

Let us help you:

  • develop your protein production process from scratch
  • update your current process to yield desired results.

Large-Scale Protein Production

Novoprotein has state of art facility housing 6 GE AKTA automation purification systems and GE WAVE Bioreactor systems that equips us the capacity and the capability for high yield and high through-put production:

  • Fermentation volume up to 500 liters for bacteria and yeast and 100 liters for mammalian/insect cells
  • Target protein production greater than 2 grams per batch
  • Parallel production of more than 100 proteins in mg range

Protein Characterization

Novoprotein employs a broad range of methods to characterize our protein products:

  • Electrophoresis
  • N-terminal amino acid sequencing
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Bioactivity assay
  • Western blotting
  • HPLC
  • Endotoxin test

Protein Crystallization

We have developed our protein crystallization services based on our solid protein expression and purification skills.

We offer:

  • Crystal screening using high throughput kit
  • Crystal optimization with various parameter
  • Co-crystallization with ligand/compound
  • X-ray analysis