About Us

Novoprotein is dedicated to recombinant protein expression and protein production in cell services and products. Novoprotein possesses advanced technology and extensive experience in the field and offers a comprehensive service portfolio, from recombinant protein expression, recombinant protein production, antibody production, protein modification, and protein crystallization. Additionally, we offer a variety of products including recombinant cytokines, recombinant human growth factors, recombinant monoclonal antibodies and much more.

Novoprotein has accomplished over 1000 contract projects with an 85% success rate. Apart from our contract projects, we have developed a catalog of more than 650 enzymes and cytokines since inception in 2004. The capacity of the four well-established protein expression systems: e coli expression, yeast expression, baculovirus expression and mammalian cell expression systems have reached gram scale. At Novoprotein, the stringent QC standard ensures the highest product quality. The strict confidentiality protocol protects the privacy of our clients. Our long-term clients come from all over the world, including major pharmaceutical companies and world-class research institutes.

Company Fact

Corporate HeadquartersShanghai, China
Locations of Sales SubsidiariesUS and China
Facilities25,000 square feet
Number of Employees110
Number of Products700 +


Novoprotein is headquartered in Wujian Technology Pioneer Park on the shore of Lake Tai, with an additional production facility in Zhangjiang-Shanghai, China and one business development site in New Jersey.

Production Sites

Wujiang Technology Pioneer Park and Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Founded in 2004, Novoprotein is one of the first companies certified by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and honored as a "Shanghai Technology-Advanced Service Enterprise". Novoprotein production sites occupy a combined space of 25,000 square feet of state of the art lab equipment and employ over 100 scientists.

Business Development Site

Summit, NJ

The Novoprotein business development site is located in Summit, NJ in the heart of the US pharmaceutical and biotech hub. The US site enables us to directly contact our customers and provide convenient business transactions with seamless customer service.